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Hot off the Presses

Winter is Fast Approaching, 5 Ways to Keep Your Restaurants Safe & Warm this Season

The title chickened out on saying it directly, and kind of just grazed it. Winter is…fast approaching? Is there maaaaaybe another way to phrase that? Hm? I get that there are plenty of people in the world who have not seen Game of Thrones, but really. You’ve probably seen it. So has our site administrator I’m guessing, but still, here we are: “fast approaching.” The venerable actor Sean Bean would have you know that one does not simply refer to winter b...
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How Safety Partitions are Making the World a Better Place

Hi, I’m a portable sneeze guard. You can call me Gary. Gary Sinisegard. How am I, an inanimate object, typing this, you ask? … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Okay fine, if you absolutely can’t sleep without an answer, let the site administrator know, and maybe Cutplex will make the next blog post title be “How Our Sneeze Guards Are Able To Think Thoughts And Then Type Them And Then Post Them On The Internet,” and all will be revealed. Until then, kindly read on. Now, I want...
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What is Plexiglass? And Why Should you Care?

Plexiglass is awesomesauce. As an aside, I can type awesomesauce and my auto correct feature ignores it, thereby telling me that there is no spelling correction needed. I looked it up, it’s in the Oxford Dictionary. However, they seemed to have forgotten to put in the picture of the plexiglass. I’m emailing them now. All caps.
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The Next Big Thing in Partitions

What if there was a frame that folded up into a small shipping box, assembled with a single (supplied) tool, where the screen could, well, “just pop in there” like a Ghostbuster thinking about a Marshmallow Man? What if the screen could fold, no, better yet, roll up for packing into the box? 
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Partitions for your Business Don't Have to be Boring

Businesses big and small are grappling with what it takes to reopen, and masks are just the beginning.  After months with little or no revenue, the expense of retrofitting your establishment may seem like an impossible barrier to reopening, but we are here to tell you it can be done – both quickly and cost effectively.   We have been designing display solutions for decades and are using that experience to help America reopen.  Business is about making m...
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