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The Next Big Thing in Partitions

The Next Big Thing in Partitions

We all know the phrase “big things come in small packages.” Here at Cutplex, we have brought that age-old saying to bear in our newest social distancing product solution for your business! Introducing our innovative, lightweight, cost-effective soft acrylic CrystalFlex technology.

Let’s face it, partitions of some form or another are everywhere these days: you’ll find them at reception desks, the gas station, even at the checkout line at the grocer. The general idea is that these partitions can help us curtail the transmission of COVID-19 (and frankly, other airborne pathogen transmissions too!) by placing a physical barrier between individuals when having to interact in a retail, business, or other transactional environment in the public space. Many business owners and operators were forced to rush to respond to the evolving science of combating the pandemic in their own space(s) in ways they were not prepared for, and as a result, you’ll find a gamut of partitions out there that range the entire spectrum of DIY, from literal shower curtains to pseudo-Rube Goldberg (looking at you Stony Brook!). The middle ground however, seems to be occupied by large, heavy, solid sheets of plastic, which are then mounted, hung, or set up with freestanding legs, usually by drilling directly through the acrylic itself. The cost of shipping these large heavy plastic barriers can be higher than the cost of the partition or barrier itself, and the cumbersome packaging waste, unpacking effort, and then assembly and installation process is a giant hassle. After all of that, you end up with a foggy, smeary (smeary is a word, right? …right?), block of plastic hanging or standing in the middle of your place of business, cramping the style of the vibe, the aesthetic, the brand that you invested time, money, energy, and creativity into injecting into your space.   

At Cutplex, we knew there had to be a better way. What if there was a frame that folded up into a small shipping box, assembled with a single (supplied) tool, where the screen could, well, “just pop in there” like a Ghostbuster thinking about a Marshmallow Man? What if the screen could fold, no, better yet, roll up for packing into the box? You see where this is going…and look, I’m not here to tell you that the lightbulb went off over our heads one day, the apple didn’t fall out of a tree and…hit…our…heads, and- never mind, I’ve exhausted the analogue. Plain and simple, we spent some time on it. There were trials, there were errors, there were laughs, there were tears; and then, there was a solution: a portable barrier that could be assembled in minutes, that was lightweight, carried a small packing footprint, and was aesthetically pleasing: there was CrystalFlex, and it was good.

At Cutplex, we’ve been around the partition-block and back, and we are here to tell you that there’s a new way. With our CrystalFlex plexiglass alternative, you just unroll it, and pop it in the frame- there’s a silicone edge sewn onto our CystalFlex PVC that fits perfectly into a channel cut into the aluminum frame extrusion (which comes in your choice of silver, black or custom color!). The stretched tension of the PVC screen keeps it looking sharp and clear, and it is simple to clean. Our partitions can be hung from the ceiling, mounted on a desk or other surface, or built as a freestanding partition for in between tables, gym equipment, or common areas; it also comes as a tabletop-style freestanding sneeze guard. With its innovative design, practically any size is possible. With its simplicity of assembly, it is incredibly user friendly. And with its agile and small packing footprint, it is cost effective and easy to ship. With our CrystalFlex partition line of safety products, you save big on assembly time, you save big on cost, you save big on shipping, and you get big results. All in a compact shipping container. So when we say that big things come in small packages, we mean it.